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Our Super-Mini Alternator is designed for applications requiring a high or quick rate of charge in a small package. This unit has an output of 74 amps with 50 amps at idle. We recommend choosing this alternator with dual battery systems or for street and strip use. Mount with ECAE bracket #2220 for BBC lower left or right side or #2221 for SBC lower left side only.

Check to Order Super Mini 120 Amp #2003   $249.00
Check to Order Super Mini for 16 volt Battery only #2006   $249.00
2002 Ultra

           Our 2025 Ultra Mini Alternator

$ 249.99

East Coast Auto Electric UltraMini 12 Volt Series MINI-ALTERNATOR
The UltraMini Alternator is the smallest in our line. It weights only 6 Lbs. and has an output of 55 amps. When Mounted with our low mount brackets (2230 for BBC, 2231 for SBC) it will fit between 18 inch frame rails. When used with our 2232 (BBC) or 2233 (SBC) mid mount bracket, it will fit most stock chassis that do not have a motor plate. It is avaiable as a one wire or an ignition activated unit so it can be switched off or in a 16 Volt Model

Part No. Description
2025 One Wire Ultra Mini
2025C One Wire Ultra Mini Chrome Version
2026 Ignition Activated
2027 16 Volt Model

or Select
Check to Order Ultra Mini #2025C   $299.99
Check to Order Ultra Mini #2026   $249.99
Check to Order Ultra Mini #2027   $299.00

East Coast Auto Electric Full Size 2007 110 amp

These new single wire alternators are perfect for those wanting to upgrade their older style 10SI. This single wire design allows for easy installation in Street Rods, Tow Trucks or any vehicle needing more amps. They mount in the original GM mounts or any one of many aftermarket mounting systems.

Part Number Description
2007     110 Amp $199.99
2007C     110 Amp Chrome Version $249.99
2008     110 Amp for 16 volt $249.99
2008C     110 Amp Chrome Version $299.99

East Coast Auto Electric's 2007 Alternator
           Our 2007 110 Amp Alternator

           Starting at $ 199.99

Check for Hi Amp for 16 Volt #2007C
Check for Hi Amp for 16 Volt #2008   
Check for Hi Amp for 16 Volt #2008C

East Coast Auto Electric's 2009 Alternator
East Coast Auto Electric Full Size 2009 140 amp

This is the 140 amp version of #2007. It has all the same features with additional heavy duty components.
Installation of this unit will require additional wiring to handle the increased amperage.
Wiring kit #2372 ($ 29.95) should be used with this installation.

Part Number Description
2009 140 Amp

           Our 2009 140 Amp Alternator

           $ 249.99

East Coast 110 amp one wire, click image for larger view
Starting at $ 95.00

Full Size 2001 One Wire

This one wire unit is assembled using a Hi-amp rotor , special low turn on regulator and premium bearings and each is load tested at varying speeds. Brackets and pullys are available to fit many applications. Standard and Chrome alternators for Drag, Circle and Street Rods and Custom Applications. this is the most economical of our single wire alternators and is also available as a chrome unit for an additional $50.00.

Check to Add Chrome $50.00

200 Amp ONE WIRE

If your looking for amps, you've found them. This 200 AMP alternator will give you all the power you need. One Wire hook up allows ease of instalition.
This alternator can not be installed with stock wiring, use kit # 2373
           Our 2012 High Amp Alternator

Only $ 299.99

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